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31 Jan 2012

It's cold like Stalker...

Berrr Rerrrr...it's cold outside mush, we're all cosy indoors and thinking fashion shoots, get us out there baby we're all hyper. Here's a bit of knit from our Stalker shoot we did back in 2008, a lovely little reminder of a day down at Dungeness. One van, two models, lot's of woolly gear and an armed escort out of the area. Fun times. Anyway hope wherever you are you're toasty...

27 Jan 2012

Edge and Barrett on Tumblr

Whatcha, you can follow us on tumblr if you like, we're waiting for the delivery of our Tumblr button...any day now...in the mean time it's here http://edgeandbarrett.tumblr.com/ - all together now, Carling Black Label...have a good 'un, see you on the other side. 

New books...

Far out! We love it when someone drops by on the way to the charity, let us be your graphic design dumping ground, we love! Favourite is Typography 5 - The Annual of the Type Directors Club...the eighties, getting more beautiful the further away it gets...ain't that always the way?

26 Jan 2012

Iphone on lightbox...

oooh candy!

25 Jan 2012

Ombra Bar...

Verdict, lovely. Yes it's taken us a long time to get there (last Thursday) but it was worth the wait. Barrett's butternut squash ravioli was fab, Edge's steak nice too, although salty...the atmosphere was blinding, very jolly jolly, the service was so bonkers it was very funny by the end, bless 'em - only downer was the blinkin' over designed 'shelf' chairs, we must have pulled the short straw, have a feeling these will be fazed out... Anyway we would definitely go there again, can't wait, and am seriously thinking about starting up restaurant reviews, easiest thing in the world to criticise right? Shuddup, you know you wanna have a go too...

24 Jan 2012

The Dolphin

Dolphin stamp on the arm, locally known as the mark of a dirtbag...

23 Jan 2012

Interview: Caroline Harris

We loved the outfits in Bernard Rose's 2010 film Mr Nice, and got in touch with the films costume designer Caroline Harris for a quick Q&A: 

Q: How did you become a Costume Designer? Was there a direct path so to speak, or did you get a lucky break?

I didn’t follow a direct path. I began making stage outfits for a friend. Simple dresses at first, then coats and more elaborate structures. I cut up existing clothes to examine the flat shapes and see how the pieces fitted together. Then I worked with whoever would have me, short films, full-length films, usually for little or no money.

Q: How do you go about your research to create the perfect wardrobe?

The 20th Century is well documented in photographs. So books, libraries, museums and the Internet offer an ample resource for research. I also look at today’s fashion to get the measure what people are seeing in their everyday environment. Shapes are reinterpreted decade after decade so a classic 50’s style, for example, can also be very current and I risk losing a sense of the past.
On films set during a period that’s pre photography, I search museums and galleries for portraits, diarists for written details, and books for illustrations. 

Q: Do you ever take into account the actors requests/preferences?

I always listen to actor’s opinions. They are building a character and it is essential they feel that their clothes work for the role they are about to inhabit. The director’s opinion is also important, it is their vision and the characters need to look how they imagine them to be.
On period films, the look is dictated by the era, so there are some boundaries. Most of the clothes will be handmade and during that process there is ample opportunity to make sure everybody is happy.
Contemporary films can be more complicated. There are a lot of people at the hub of a film and if they all get involved with the aesthetic, which happens, though not always, it can be a minefield. That’s the difficulty with clothes; everyone wears them so everyone has an opinion on them.

Q: What is your ideal story (book/play/film?) to dress?

Mr. Nice was ideal. It began in the 50’s and went through to the 90’s. I was able to scavenge and buy everything, chop it up and make it work. And of course, with Chloe Sevigny, I had someone who understands clothes so she was a dream to work with.
Also fantasy films are ideal when they are no specific period.
Of the books I like to read, a William Faulkner perhaps, 1930’s impoverished, rural America. Rough, dusty and filled with peculiar characters.

Q: And who would be your ideal artist?

For film, abstract art for the colors. Lee Krasner’s combinations are beautiful. And then Josef Beuys for texture, I like to look away from clothes, particularly when I’m building a concept from raw materials.

Q: Have you any industry secrets on where to source amazing costumes/samples to use? 

There is no one place and no great secret. It’s about seeing the potential in a piece and transforming it. I prefer markets, Portobello is one of my favorites, dealers come in from everywhere. Rellik on Golborne Road has an exceptional selection of vintage and they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

19 Jan 2012

Get off of my cloud...

One for Edge...


17 Jan 2012


This shop is retro-darling. We couldn't bring ourselves to take pictures inside... but we took one of the front because of our juvenile need to photograph anything with our name on it.


We're on Dribbble, come and find us...in the mean time enjoy this picture, a nice one of Javier Bardem, seriously, dribble...


They will be small, they might be random, but they are little insights into those whom we love, coming soon to the Edge and Barrett blog...

16 Jan 2012



It's not a wheel...

For Elizabeth Barrett from Luke Edge

13 Jan 2012

The Bell, Ticehurst

Ugh week two of the January freak out, by now you may be like us and living the most self delusional lie common of this time of year, that of 'one shall not ever drink again'...well we're two weeks in and finding it hard. A) because it's hard, B) because we're feeling all refreshed and 'healthy' after a fortnight off the sauce, so therefore fancy re-toxing and C) because we couldn't be more in love with the old local right now. They're cosy, they're full of neighbours, jolly people and we know the words to all the songs. Believe it or not we have four 'locals' - shame on us - The Kenton, home local and uber uber. The Folgate (aka The Water Poet) because it's work local and and boy those city kids sure know how to party, The Griffin, because it's where we go the most and everyone always knows your name, or recognises your hat, and finally there is our new country local, The Bell Inn, Ticehurst. It's reopened and re-vamped, and we are massively loving the open fire and good food. If you're in the area check this boozer out. The urinals are quite the talking point, although it seems a little bit of a waste to us, but we do like the booky, tweedy look and added quirkball country designs. We really liked the stuffed squirrel (not a waste as it died of natural causes unlike the poor trumpets in the boys toilets) the branding is pretty fab too. But most important is the warm atmos, just what we're after. So if you're diving off the wagon this weekend make the last couple of weeks count and do it in style...happy weekending from E&B.

Instagram head...

Some of us have got the bug bad...follow us on Instagram, blog feed to follow...

12 Jan 2012

Latest Work: Jompy Water Boiler

What a good idea, the Jompy Water Boiler allows users to cook and clean their water at the same time...watch the video here to see how it works, and read up on the importance of clean water, especially in the third world. The Jompy is all about clever efficiency in the great outdoors, and we created a logo and banner ad campaign that demostrated this fresh, healthy and practical solution to survival...check it out.

Fifties love...

11 Jan 2012

Bespoke posters by E&B

Last year we gifted our family with their own bespoke posters, with words to match, including 'in' jokes and characteristics we hold with affection. If you fancy putting your sentiments to the one you love in a very nice way get in touch...trust us when we say these go down a treat...

10 Jan 2012

Latest Work: Unicorn Porn for Hoxton Street Studios

Shot by Justin Mullins, designed by us...enjoy!